Quarter Horse
Genetic Testing - AQHA offers a five-panel genetic test for HYPP, PSSM, MH, GBED and HERDA.
May 6, 2013, 20:37

AQHA offers a five-panel genetic test for HYPP, PSSM, MH, GBED and HERDA.
The American Quarter Horse Association offers a panel test to determine if an American Quarter Horse is a carrier or has any of five genetic diseases.

Genetic diseases cause emotional and financial pain for horse owners and breeders. To help breeders make informed decisions, AQHA now offers a panel test for five genetic diseases: glycogen branching enzyme deficiency (GBED), hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia (HERDA), hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP), malignant hyperthermia and polysaccharide storage myopathy (PSSM1).

When the test is ordered, AQHA will send a DNA kit to the owner, who then mails it with mane and/or tail hair to the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at the University of California-Davis for testing. Once the tests are complete, AQHA will notify the owners and put the results on the horse’s record and certificate of registration.

The tests cost $85 for AQHA members and $125 for nonmembers. For the panel test in conjunction with the DNA test required for most breeding stock, the cost is $105 for members and $145 for nonmembers.

The effects of these diseases are wide-ranging, from mild and manageable to severe and terminal. Passing these diseases on to successive generations often causes unnecessary suffering and also leads to financial losses for breeders.

To order the test, call AQHA at (806) 376-4811 and get the process started today.