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Pat Parelli on Rearing Horses 

If your horse is rearing up, it is likely happening for one of two reasons:

The horse is being held back. The horse feels trapped or cornered.

The Parelli natural horse training approach is opposed to punishing horses for rearing, mostly because it’s a fearful reaction that is often caused by the handler or rider, albeit unintentionally.

Because natural horsemanship always begins by understanding any problem from the horse’s point of view, we ask you to consider horses’ rearing behavior like this: your horse has a driving, forward desire yet there’s something in his mouth that is holding him back. If you hold him back strongly enough there is only one way left for the horse to go – UP!

Some people think their horse is rearing up to intimidate the rider but something important to understand is that the horse is just being a horse and thinking like a horse. He’s naturally a fearful, claustrophobic animal whose main defense is to run away. If you’re holding him back and not allowing him to run, he’s going to move in the only direction he can.

Usually it’s more flighty horses that rear, and of course that makes you want to hold them back. They’ll begin by tossing their heads, and then proceed to rearing behavior if it gets bad enough.

How to Stop Horses Rearing

You start by understanding why your horse is rearing up and refrain from punishing him for his natural reaction/behavior. Then, you take steps to change your approach and your behavior in order to gain or regain your horse’s total confidence in you. Next, stop using two reins to control your horse and learn to control him with one rein.

These three things will dramatically change your horses rearing behavior.

You can learn the Parelli specialized techniques for natural horse training with an at-home study course. The best place to start would be The Seven Games: The Secret of Teaching Horses DVD, then go to the Calm Ride DVD. Both of these DVDs will give you new and effective strategies right away.

Next, we suggest you learn your horse’s particular personality type by studying the Parelli Horsenality™ system, so you begin to really understand your horse. The Natural Attraction DVD is a great way to learn how to get your horse to want to be with you instead of trying to get away from you. All these great natural horse training DVDs can help you with your horse’s rearing problem and any other horse training challenges your facing. You’ll be amazed at the results and success stories you’ll have!

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