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Why CowTrac™?

Buy with confidence endorsed by cutting, cowhorse and reining professionals who acquired CowTrac systems after using other systems for years. Check the list! -->

Highest Rated/Least expensive systems on the market in every category - matching features and included accessories.

Compact Digital Remote standard with every system - Designed in from the start and proven by professionals. Extremely responsive. Not subject to interference like newer, more expensive, unproven remotes with flush mount antennas.

Smooth, quiet operation - starts, stops and transitions. We listened to the number 1 request from our technical advisory board made up of some of the top cutting and cow horse professionals.

All systems (flag or cow) include supercord stronger than kevlar, minimizes bobbing, doesn't stretch and the cover doesn't dry out and becoming brittle like kevlar. Selectable stops (hard, medium, soft) standard on all CowTrac™ models. Hard stop on/off on all Rancher models.

BUMP Technology Remote speed setting capability - available on all systems. No need to dismount to adjust speed settings.

"Smart Limits" Set and clear your work area boundaries at any time with a touch of a button. Available on all Rancher and CowTrac-series systems.

Record/play/pause built into Ultima and Elite and completely controlled from the remote - Programs are stored indefinitely unlike systems that lose the program when you power them off. Large program storage eliminates the possibility of running out of memory. Watch Al Dunning demonstrate below. With a variety of single and dual speed systems and prices starting at $1025, we have the right system to meet all your training needs

Round Pen/Down the Fence setup available for any CowTrac™ series model Universal mount standard on all models 120/240VAC and battery operation on all models International power cords included Lightweight - portable

Upgrade policy - never lose any of your investment - upgrade any time for only the difference in the original cost Warranty - 2 years including system and remote

"Now That's Smart"

Set System Speeds from your Remote with "BUMP" Technology

Now you can set speeds with a touch of a button on your remote.

Bump Technology eliminates getting off your horse, changing the speed dial(s) on the system and remounting. Working with a young horse? BUMP the speed down with the "-" button. Want to speed it up for an experienced horse? BUMP it up with the "+" button. Easily set slow and fast settings across full range.

Ultima and Elite systems remember the speeds used when programming.

"Before BUMP you had a great system. Now with BUMP you have the #1 Best System in the World". Jade Keller

BUMP is available on all systems and can be added to any CowTrac™ system for $150 regardless of age.
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