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Ned LeDoux To Release His First-Ever Full Length Album Sagebrush November 3

 | Published on 9/11/2017
Sagebrush Includes Eight Original Songs And His Cover
of His Dad Chris LeDoux’s Iconic Signature
 “This Cowboy’s Hat” Featuring Chase Rice
NASHVILLE, TN – Sept 6, 2017 – Ned LeDoux blazes his own trail forward ‪on November 3 with the release of his first full-length album Sagebrush which carries on the traditions, music and cowboy way of life passed down to him by his Mom and Dad, Peggy and Chris LeDoux.

Produced by award-winning Mac McAnally, Sagebrush completes and follows on the heels of his debut EP Forever A Cowboy released last year. Ned wrote or co-wrote eight of the 12 songs included on Sagebrush, and each song leaves no doubt as to what the LeDoux name stands for in country music.

Sagebrush is a labor of love and a year in the making for Ned LeDoux. The Kaycee, Wyoming native wrote his first song with his songwriting and producer mentor Mac McAnally. After that Ned continued to write about his own life experiences, all the while maintaining his western style and staying true to the cowboy way of life he has always known, as in the song “Forever A Cowboy.” Ned continued to write of his time spent on the road reflected in “Brother Highway,” and about one of the most important things in his life in the love song  “By My Side,” about his love and devotion for his wife and growing family.

Ned’s mom, Peggy, gave him a shoebox full of what seemed to be song ideas his Dad had written down years ago. Ned prefers to call them his Dad’s “thoughts.” No one will ever know what his dad intended, but Ned took them and, with McAnally, turned them in to a variety of songs including his Dad as a co-writer. Four of those songs appear on Sagebrush including “Never Change,” “Cowboy Life,” “Forever A Cowboy” and “We Ain’t Got It All. ”

The entire collection of songs on Sagebrush mix together well and tell of the LeDoux history and his family values- from cowboys, ranching, the highway and the simplicity of living including the song "Better Part of Living" penned by McAnally and  “Another Horse to Ride,” written by Larry Bastian and Vince Pasion, which fits perfectly in the story of Sagebrush.

In addition to his eight original songs, Ned’s passion for continuing and reintroducing his Dad’s music and life to a new generation of fans was helped when LeDoux’s friend and BBR Music Group recording artist Chase Rice called, out of the blue, and asked Ned if he wouldn’t mind if he recorded his Dad’s iconic signature song “This Cowboy’s Hat” for his upcoming album Lambs & Lions to be released on November 17. Ned loved the idea, and after recording it together both agreed to include on each of their upcoming albums.

Click HERE to learn more about Ned LeDoux and his inspiration for Sagebrush and carrying on his Dad’s legacy while at the same time forging his own.

Sagebrush Track Listing:

1) “Never Change”                                                  (Ned LeDoux, Chris LeDoux, Mac McAnally)
2) “Cowboy Life”                                                      (Ned LeDoux, Chris LeDoux, Mac McAnally)
3)  “We Ain’t Got It All”                                          (Ned LeDoux, Chris LeDoux, Mac McAnally)
4) “Some People Do”                                               (Ned LeDoux, Will LeDoux, Mac McAnally)
5)  “Brother Highway”                                             (Ned LeDoux, Mark Sissel)
6) “Better Part of Living”                                         (Mac McAnally)
7)  “Forever a Cowboy”                                           (Ned LeDoux, Chris LeDoux, Mac McAnally)
8) “By My Side”                                                        (Ned LeDoux, Mac McAnally)
9) “Another Horse To Ride”                                   (Larry Bastian and Vince Pasion)
10)  “Johnson County War”                                    (Chris LeDoux)
11)  “The Hawk”                                                       (Ned LeDoux)
12) “This Cowboy’s Hat” (Feat. Chase Rice)       (Jake Brooks)

** Fans who purchased Forever A Cowboy EP will be able to utilize the “complete your album” at iTunes and other digital retailers to purchase the six new tracks that complete Sagebrush.

About Ned LeDoux:
It has been over 12 years since Chris LeDoux passed and Ned believes that people want to hear something new. His passion for music began at the age of five when he received his first drum kit. Ned went on to play in a number of different bands in Wyoming before landing a job as the drummer in his Dad Chris’s band Western Underground in 1998. Ned knew from that early age that he had “no plan b” but to play music. “Once I got the taste of the road, and being in front of a crowd and just the sound of it, it was...freedom,” he explained.

When his dad passed away in 2005, Ned continued to tour with his father’s band to keep the musical spirit of Chris LeDoux alive. This drove him to pick up the guitar and try his hand at some of his dad’s songs. It started with “Rodeo Man,” and before long Ned had a whole catalogue of his father’s early hits ready to play. When the other band members heard Ned’s voice, he found himself front and center singing at the shows. Stepping out from behind the drums stirred something inside of Ned that he hadn’t felt before, “It’s a different kind of rush, getting up with a guitar and standing behind a microphone...shoot I’m getting butterflies thinking about it right now.”

Carrying on with his family traditions and cowboy way of life is important to Ned as you can hear in the song “Forever A Cowboy.” Ned puts his own spin on his endless touring with “Brother Highway” about all the time he has spent on the road with various bands since his days in high school before landing full time as the drummer in his Dad’s band Western Underground. Ned says he doesn’t even need a road map anymore–that he and the highway are like brothers. He wants to write songs about what he knows, keep the themes simple and harken back to the sound of good ole country music but with an edge.

Ned has been burning up the highway to bring his new music to his loyal and dedicated fans sharing the stage with artists Toby Keith, Josh Turner, Chris Janson and Randy Houser. On tour, the show is a special blend of Ned’s original songs along with a few of his Dad’s.

To find out more about Ned LeDoux go to: or follow him on TWITTER, FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.

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