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Can I get an oil change please?

Nate Brekken  | Published on 10/26/2017
This statement is said in our service department on a daily basis. Can I get an oil change please? These words are more important than ever these days.  With the newer emission legal trucks with (DPF’s) diesel particulate filters, this statement if more important than ever.

Although your manufacturer of your diesel pickup will tell you that you can go ten thousand or more miles between oil changes, don’t believe it. Sure additive packages in the engine oil we use have come a long way since the 80’s and 90’s, however, your engine and the emissions components on the truck you drive have changed as well. So why do the manufacturers allow higher mile oil changes?

Everyone is looking for the truck with the least amount of maintenance needed. In reality ALL of them need the same kind of maintenance. Here are some reasons why changing your oil more often will help you.

1. Less engine wear, which means your truck will last longer
2. Less frequent regens, your engine oil will be cleaner
3. Better fuel economy, use the oil your manufacturer recommends, synthetic oil is now the way to go. Dino oil should not be used due to more frequent regens and higher fuel usage.
Here are some things that happen when you oil change intervals go for an extended length of time
1. More regens occur due to the engine oil being dirtier. FYI -  your DPF can not burn off any engine oil. They are designed to burn off the soot produced from your diesel engine.
2. Over full crankcase - this happens when regens are not completed, and or happening more often due to dirty crankcase engine oil and other concerns.
3. Engine wear and tear - caused by the above concern, which means you may have expensive engine repairs in your future.

There are more reasons to list for both, but hopefully this helps with the good and the bad.

Strictly Diesel recommends oil change intervals at five thousand miles. Regardless of the year of your truck, this oil change interval will help YOU help your truck last longer, use less fuel, and keep a smile on your face while you use your truck for whatever it is you do. Let Strictly Diesel get your oil change done today! Give us a call at 623-582-4404, or visit our website to get a hold of us.