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Re-Elect Kathy Littlefield for Scottsdale City Council

Kathy Littlefield  | Published on 9/9/2018
Dear Friends:
     I am running for re-election to the Scottsdale City Council because Scottsdale citizens need a strong representative voice on the Council focused on their behalf, and I believe my record during my first term proves I am that voice.
      I am a Scottsdale native and have been a resident activist in Scottsdale for many years.  My goals for Council are:
• Protect your neighborhoods from harmful development
• Defend Scottsdale’s special character,
including our rural and equestrian character
• Approve conservative fiscal policies
• Support tourism and small business, and above all,
• Support public safety to protect your neighborhoods
and keep you safe.
      I will continue to vote to protect your neighborhoods from harmful development.  Because I stand with the residents, I have been endorsed for re-election by the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale.  I have voted to protect and preserve equestrian zoning.
      There is no better example of my commitment to protect Scottsdale's quality of life and the taxpayers' pocketbook than my steadfast opposition to the Desert Discovery Center/Desert EDGE, especially without a vote of the citizens who will foot the bill. For one thing, it is a commercial enterprise which breaks the promises made when voters in all parts of our city were asked to tax themselves almost a billion dollars to purchase the land for the Preserve. It is also a financial disaster - building it would drain a whopping 62 million taxpayer dollars from our Preserve and Bed Tax funds, diverting those dollars from more worthy projects. And the annual operating deficit would have to be covered from the city's General Fund, which means either a tax increase to cover it, or less money for public safety, streets, parks and other important municipal needs.
      Because of this I stand with the citizens for a Charter Amendment (Proposition 420) requiring a public vote before any commercial development can be built inside our Preserve.  In fact, I am the only Councilmember who has voted 100% not to proceed with the DDC/Desert EDGE project without the approval of the voters.
      Because I am a fiscal conservative I have fought to keep our taxes – especially property taxes - low, which is why I opposed the $350M all-or-nothing bond proposal this spring.
      I support tourism and I will continue to work to attract new businesses and events to Scottsdale. I support WestWorld and the Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center.  I also support the galleries, restaurants and shops in our Downtown that contribute to our economy and to Scottsdale’s unique reputation for arts and culture.
      I support public safety.  Residents deserve a safe and secure environment in which to live, work and raise their families.  Keeping you safe will continue to be my #1 priority, which is why Police and Firefighters have endorsed me for re-election.
      If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact me.
      I would be honored to receive your vote on November 6th to continue to be Your Voice on City Council.
     Thank you,  Kathy Littlefield