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Truck Talk Tip of the Month April 2019

Nate Brekken  | Published on 4/5/2019

Spring Tire Maintenance and Air Pressure Check.

It's the right time to take a drive! The weather is awesome so we know you will be getting ready to be on the road hauling either to a favorite place or a new destination!

We want you to get there safe and have fun!

Tire safety and maintenance is huge for anyone hauling a 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer.

The same checks you perform on your truck can also be done on your trailer.

Look for side wall cracks or dry rot, look into the tread of your tire to see if you see the same concerns.

If your truck and/or trailer has been sitting in the sun, these will be obvious. Have the tires replaced if there is any sign of these concerns.


Other Things To Check For And Consider In Your Tires:


  *  Have your tires balanced and rotated every 5 thousand miles for best wear and life of the tire

    *  Any major tire sales store can perform this service for a minimal fee

  *  Have your suspension looked at for loose parts (i.e. ball joints and tie rod ends)

  *  Check your tire pressure - this can also be a huge deal since correct tire pressure helps the tires wear correctly

  *  Helps with fuel economy

  *  Typically our trucks have a load range E tire which has an inflation pressure max of 80 PSI

  *  Towing and/or normal driving should keep the tire pressures in the manufacturer's specs


which should be between 60 and 80 PSI


  *  Trailer tire pressures may vary per tire and trailer

  *  The higher the tire pressure, (i.e. 80PSI tire kept at 75 PSI) the cooler it will run. This will extend the life of the tire and improve performance of the tire during towing.



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